(Re)Hello world!

It’s been a long time no see this blog. How are you dear? :)

Writing is about spend my time, put ideas, explore and discover ‘a things’ around my ideas and also the way I compose my words to make it simple to read. First point, is the reason why I stop blogging in the past 5 years. Looking for a good time and mood in the same time. Well, it is not wrong, it’s just my choice. So many things has changed. Understand that our world also changing is also one another.

Hopefully I can start to write another post after this. Something you may don’t need, but for me, lets say it’ll become my notes or little story of my life.

Just like another first post, this one is also titled Hello World. But, 5 years hiatus make it has prefix addition ‘Re’ before Hello (ngga penting, ngga sih? hehe)

Artinya: Halo (lagi) dunia..

Happy (re)blogging!


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