How to avoid ourself from lazy characteristic

Basically I’m not the one who always have a good manner or good characteristic in my life. And this title does not mean that I have a good manner everyday, just like other people. Sometimes angel character lead me, but sometimes devil character lead me too, so I just want to share what I’m doing when I’m getting lazy or not in a good mood.

You may follow my style, but if not, there’s no compulsion to follow me :D it depends on you, or you may suitable with your style.

1. When bad mood started at the first, follow it.

Yeah, at the first time. You may give lazy time a chance. No matter what would you do next. This situation make you feel comfort, coddled yourself for a while. But remember, just the first time when lazy mood is coming. When lazy mood is back again in second time, you should not have to follow it. Abort it, and remember you have many list of task to do. If you don’t, you may loose many opportunity from your life, your dream or your plan just ‘boiling away’ like that. I suggest you not to follow this point when you totally knowing yourself, that you are not kind of lazy typical. It is not recommended, because it will makes you more lazy and lazy. 1st time is OK, but in second time you should get up, wake up, reach your dream with doing what you write on your task list. :D

2. Love what you do, and do what you love.

Sounds simple, but for me it is hard to realize. Sometimes time has took you being busy. In other words, you might be spent all of your time only to doing some task that you might not feel enjoy to do. This situation is back to you. Do you love what you do or not? Take your time to doing what you love. Work hard is good, but work smart is better. Give some interval to refresh your mind or take some relaxing action. Go with your family on weekend, or spent your after office hour time with your friends or gank.

3. Just be yourself

You know yourself more than me. So, recognize yourself more by doing all the things that you think you can do. Simplified what you think is harder to do.

4. Make your dreamlist or list of idea

‘Wish list’ is ordinary things for people. But dream list? Just few of people have dream, write it down on the paper and realize what they have write. Albert Einstein once said “Ideas is more valuables than knowledge”. It doesn’t mean that you dont have to learn to support your knowledge, but many knowledge is not valuable without ideas, I think. And to get some ideas, you should have to develop your knowledge by experiencing something you may love or like.

So that are my how-to manual when i met lazy mood. Its have some pattern to understand ourself. Hope it’ll be useful for you reader, especially me. :D

I’m sorry if there are some fault or irrelated opinion, subjective opinion is come from me. And may not suitable to several person. Only if you know what kind the people are you, so you know what to do.

And the last word: Don’t be lazy and chase your dream, okay! :D

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