Hardy Heron doesn’t support Apache2? (updated)

Finally after waiting for 2weeks, Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) comes to my hand. It was real amazing one, having CD sent comes from another country (I don’t even know where launchpad comes from). I was request this CD free of charge about 2weeks before, in my mind: I may not pay for it. But, hehe..you know guys, there’s nothing free in this world, the postman asked me 3000 rupiah for this CD.

Actually, i felt comfortable with my latest Fesity Fawn, but I wish the latest version of Ubuntu more sophisticated and there’s so many changes made by Ubuntu’s developers. Feisty Fawn give more simplicity and ease of use to end user like me.

As usual, since I love coding in PHP, my Feisty Fawn was installed LAMP. This time, I want my Hardy have this package too.

But however I have a new trouble when I tried to install LAMP on my Hardy, this command should be work, but it doesn’t make any sense for me, because apache2 package not found on Hardy Heron path:

sudo apt-get install apache2

Got message: package http://..bla..bla..bla../apache2 not found on the debian list.

Same thing happens, when I tried to install liferea (Linux Feed Reader), Hardy seems have no path in source /etc/apt/sources.list to liferea package, so everytime synaptic tried to download this package, always failed, because path not found.
Unlike apache2, mysql-server successful installed on my Hardy. How could it be? maybe LAMP should be renamed into LM?? hehe..

Hmm…Does anyone know how to fix this Hardy problem? I’m still stuck.

last update 20/06/2008 10:37
Finally, i can do it. Apache2 now installed on my hardy. After updating all packages, it works. Now i can redevelop my code using PHP. Thanks Ubuntu. Cheers.

Happy coding :)


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